Raynulds – Sub.fm 29/1/12

Raynulds‘ first cover show for the New Year saw him smash it on Sub.fm yesterday. Especially enjoyed the Skull Disco dedication at the end. What an amazing label they were. Unreleased Gremino goodness and a forthcoming NKC joint were also mad highlights, check it out below.

via Mixcloud

Covering for 7below on www.sub.fm – definitely one of my favourite radio sessions so far… This week I rolled through some unreleased tunes from NKC (remixed by Maddslinky aka Zed Bias), Zoltan and Gremino, along with one of my own productions (a remix of Addison Groove) – first time I’ve ever played my own material on the radio. Also dropped some Skull Disco classics towards the end. Thanks to Granholme Recordings and Gremino for hooking me up with the
unreleased tracks!

Out to everyone who was locked in for this. Usual slot is every second Saturday, 11am-1pm.