Raynulds / Elgato / Billy Blanks / Dr Maz / Another Amit – Old School Dubstep Special on Sub.fm

Got well excited listening to this today; as far as big sessions go this has got to be up there for recent shows that have come our way. Right on time, Raynulds bombed up the archive from his recent b2b2b2b2b session on Sub.fm that took us right back. Joined by a stellar lineup crew who stepped up to feature on his last show for a few months, the crew smashed out a wax only two-hour session dedicated to the golden-era of dubstep.

Too many classics to name, this was like Christmas morning for a bass record fiend. Add in some quality mic work and you’ve got some essential listening. Big ups to all involved, really enjoyed the whole thing, no doubt will be rinsing it for days.

via Raynulds
One of my final Sub FM shows for a few months, I had the privilege of being joined by Elgato, Billy Blanks, Dr Maz and Man Make Music boss Another Amit for a b2b2b2b2b old school dubstep special. Strictly vinyl.

Mixes were clanged (shouts to Elgato for being the only one of us who remained on top of his game all the way through), records were rewound with great fervour and frequency, the CEO of Mixcloud got an on-air par, and perhaps most touchingly, tunes about wishing pain to be inflicted on the world were dedicated to girlfriends. Out to the silent partners Onur and Kyle for completing the studio crew, and finally out to the producers who made that ridiculous era of music what it was. It was a blast, I’ll be back on the airwaves soon..