Ras G – ‘The Gospel Of The God Spell’ LP [Street Corner]

We’ve played a lot of Ras G over the years, rinsing him across the radio shows as each album dropped and constantly pulling out a forgotten 12″ or two as we shuffled out records. And with good reason too, as the SP don has been high on our radars since ‘Hummin’ in The Sun’ and Poo Bah records where he held it down behind the counter.  I used to call the Pasadena store from London trying to hook up some of those LA beat tapes and records that rarely made it out to any other outlets. If anyone’s in need of an audio primer to the man’s work I highly recommend checking The Ras G Special Paul put together for Awkward Movements on NTS last year – https://awkmo.co/awkward-movements-on-nts-311015/.

The Gospel Of God Spell first appeared as a cassette at a time where I had to have a hard look at myself in regards to cassette purchasing. I’ve never been so happy to sleep on a release as here we are nine months late with a proper wax pressing of it. The title is a clue in to the sample source, with the record evidently being made from Ras running though the ‘Gospel’ section of WrekaStow (where he works now) in about two weeks. 

One of the best beatsmith albums I’ve heard in a while and he banged it out in two weeks on an SP 303. Dude really is on another planet. The LP hit the stores last week and won’t stick around for long so grab one quick.

From Ras_G: “The God Spell Beat tape just happened. I always make quick freestyle beats at work. I work at a “WrekaStow” so I’m always surrounded and listening to random records and after my Bluntch breaks. I would come in make a few quick joints on my SpaceProgram 303 And I just ran thru the gospel section that round and in 2 weeks I Had. The Gospel Of The GodSpell.”