radiokoala – ‘Whoop-De-Do’ Cassette [2:00AM Tapes]

Been a while between posts, still need to get last week’s show up in fact, so these next few are likely to come fast and lean. Couldn’t put off shouting about this one any longer though, a brilliant cassette release from the one radiokoala.

It was about a year ago when we first came across Analog Explorations, the self-released debut digi-LP from the Belaruse based artist. Drawing comparisons from us to Ekoplekz, Keith Fullerton Whitman and dyLab at the time, it still stands out as one of the best releases of 2014 for us.

And since then we’ve been keeping an eye on radiokoala, through his youtube channel, Soundcloud and presence in the patch-geek laden forums of Muffwiggler, the whole time lamenting the lack of a physical format release from the analog architect.

Pleased to report that this was rectified last month, when the Wilmington based 2:00AM Tapes released Whoop-De-Do, a half-hour tape of the best sound creation you’re likely to come across.

As a gear-junkie using modules, patches and synths, the sound is always going to get bigger, with more options as he adds bit and pieces to the setup. And this ties in to what he’s done so much better than many of his contemporaries for a sophmore release. on Whoop-De-Do the soundscapes are even bigger than before. More directions and more layers, more intensity and despite the loose fly-buy vibe of the tape, more structure than before.

You’re dealing with one talented mo-fo here, as radiokoala has proven through his clips and machination guides. Knowing a little of his background isn’t necessary by any means, but does perhaps add to the enjoyment when you start recognising ‘bowed string’ sounds – highlighted on youtube instructional previously – used to drive a song.

But for the most part you just buckle yourself in and let him take you on a crazy-ass ride of module synth music. He’s studied his rave tapes too and steps in to the bent side of acid here and there, referencing Nochexxx’s occasional club-friendly track attitude or Bass Clef’s Some Truths alias, but then quickly delves off in a new direction to show you that he could also compose for an accordion zydeco band with a keyboard and a groovebox if he so chose.

There’s just so many ideas here, often presented as a wall of sound but sometimes stripped back for you to appreciate soundscape elements on their own.

By the time you read this the limited tapes may be gone, but if not grab one quick from the bandcamp page. Big ups 2:00AM Tapes and radiokoala, can’t wait to hear more.

via 2:00AM Tapes
On Whoop-De-D0, radiokoala bends and twists genres effortlessly into a canopy of electronic works evoking wildlife and exotic landscapes with a primal urgency and totally uninhibited celebration of sound.