PS Stamps Back & Olekranon

There’s been a ridiculous amount of good music of late – stupid amounts of quality house, techno and leftfield tunes have far outweighed the usual Nu-Rave crap that bombards us of a summer. We’re owing about a hundred charts and write ups of our favourites, but for the meantime wanted to share a chance purchase that’s blown my mind.

Found this in the ‘promo bin’ in a record store recently, intriguing packaging and nice design I think it cost £4 and realistically probably wasn’t even listened to the store’s buyer before being thrown in the pile. It’s crazy good though, and more than anything else has made me re-evaluate my need for a CD collection to go alongside the records. A self-titled collaborative release from two artists previously totally off my radar, PS Stamps Back & Olekranon achieves, in many ways, what we’ve been aiming to do with the NTS show. Striking the balance between interesting and progressive music, with tracks that still bang and are not only left of the norm but equally accessible to those hunting new sounds. Albums like this are weapons against the mundane, probably originally designed for the chinstroke massive, but not overly difficult to slip one or two tracks in to a set on a big system with people on the floor. Experimental joints with the rawness of Muslimgauze with the slick production values of Zomby – a difficult line to walk but the results are incredible.

We’re not given much information on the release, only that the 9 tracks on the album are a mostly collaborative joints from Greek artist PS Stamps Back and US based Olekranon, with a few solo offerings from each sneaking on there. Released on Inam Records, a label best known for a variety of electronica, noise and drone offerings on CDRs over the years, it’s hopefully part of their continual growth, with more and more people picking up on their sound. Incredible artists, great label, a release that I just can’t fault.