‘Program Your 808’ Posters

Possibly the best studio decoration we’ve come across, Rob Ricketts A3 designs are the electronic image equivalent of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston when he first won the world title. Much like the Ali shot these are a simple, & clean representation of a turning point in a culture, the changing of a guard ignited by a brash youth that there’d be no coming back from.Okay for some that breakdown might be taking it a bit far but let’s not forget that the series of four shows you Roland TR-808 drum programming for classic tracks such as Planet Rock and Voodoo Ray, audible patterns as iconic as the machine itself. When you hear these you know them, and you don’t have to have been around to know what they did. Great concept, beautiful execution; big ups to the creator and all reppin’ them.

The creations are soon to be available as posters from his site here. It’s worth a look around as these posters aren’t the only dope thing on there.