‘Plug EP’ from B.Lewis

Dropped this week through our friends at Jus Like Music comes a new EP from San Francisco based producer B.Lewis. First time I’ve clocked on to him myself, but evidently the man’s been turning heads in California and US scenes for a while, and his earlier beat tapes and associated projects are well worth checking out.

Titled Plug EP, it’s the first beats based project in a few months to massively catch my ear. Listening to it start to finish it sounds proper crafted and revisited constantly until it was done. Dam-Funk was talking about this at last year’s RBMA, the importance of spending extra days on tracks that you may’ve thought were ready, as opposed to making 40 tracks a day and picking your favourites as finished. Big ups to B.Lewis for this release, think he pushed the tracks as close to perfection as they could be.

Haven’t seen any plans for a wax version unfortunately, but you can get at the free download via his bandcamp page, or embedded below.

via Jus Like Music Records

After spending the past three years honing his craft through prolific self-released projects, B.Lewis presents his Plug EP, out on Jus Like Music Records – home to the likes of BUG, Jesse Futerman and Paper Tiger.

PLUG infuses soulful hip-hop elements with glitched out, heavy beats. But don’t be fooled – this is a lot deeper than your average contemporary ‘beats’ release. B.Lewis, for such a young man, has an old head on his shoulders. Whether uptempo and hectic, or slower and melodic, he manages to weave a fine level of intricacy into his tracks. Plug is hard and dramatic in parts, yet smooth and well tempered in others, and it really needs to be listened to from start to finish.