Phonica 10th Birthday @ Fabric [LDN 5.10.13] – Levon Vincent, A Guy Called Gerald, Phonica Crew

Woah, ten years deep for Phonica Records and it’s hard to imagine the music and club landscapes being the same without them. Situated at Poland Street in Soho, London, Phonica remains an institution for the music-minded. Ten years ago it was one of many vinyl emporiums in the area, and since then has evolved in to one of the few remaining worldwide, now hosting the top instores and nights as well releasing their own imprint.

It may be iconic, but it’s still about the music; and equally important are the people behind the counter pulling records, buying and cutting deals to get exclusives, or packing the boxes. Talking from experience, working at that store is damn hard work, but incredibly rewarding. My personal music education took on a life of it’s own standing on the other side of the listening decks, not only from the records coming in but mostly from those around me and those wandering in to the store.

The 10 year birthday party for Phonica is happening at Fabric this Saturday. We could bang on about the analog house-stylings of Levon Vincent that always sound best on wax, the living club legend behind ‘Voodoo Ray’ A Guy Called Gerald or Terry Francis taking over Room 2, but really this is all about the Phonica guys. In my opinion, these are the best selectors you’re going to hear in London.

Anthea and Soho are taking on Room 1 before store founder Heidi steps up to smash the set before the headliners come in. Room 3 however is the official Phonica room on the night with Brian and Nick Williams taking a slot each (though where’s Van?!) backed by Hector and Jonny Rock returning to the fold.

The boss behind everything Phonica – Simon Rigg – will be spinning too, and it’s guaranteed to be a masterclass in playing wax (they don’t call him ‘The Record Pope‘ in Germany for nothing). Big ups Phonica crew and happy birthday for another year!

We know it’s Fabric but it’s worth booking yourself in ahead of time for this one. Grab tickets via the RA link below, event page and more night info just underneath that.

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One of London’s most esteemed dance emporiums, Phonica Records, will be taking over much of the programming tonight to mark a big 10 years in operation. The pioneering collective have consistently been at the forefront of London’s dance music circuit since they were established, providing a musical platform for producers across the globe and spawning releases from the likes of Paul Woolford, Matt Tolfrey and Midland to name but a few and creating a hub that has fuelled our local community’s DJ boxes with quality selections for a decade. Joining the Phonica crew in Room One will be main NY’s house leviathan, Levon Vincent, alongside the revered Manchester house veteran A Guy Called Gerald who will be performing live. Label favourite Hector will also join the Jackathon sound originator and co-Phonica founder, Heidi, with her relentless, new-house selections.

Room Two will play host to our DJ in residence, Terry Francis, who’ll be joined by electro-punker Anthony Rother’s live set whilst Hrdvsion serves an eclectic helping of his unique and experimental vibrations.

Phonica will also curate Room Three with a live performance from Lord Of The Isles backed up by the sounds of Phonica boss Simon Rigg alongside a special collaboration from Anthea & Soho and selections the in store team Johnny Rock, Nick Rooms and Brian not Brian, each summoning and mechanising their favourite selections.