Peder Mannerfelt – ‘Come Closer’ 12″ [We Can Elude Control]

Coming up to it’s fourth year and sixth release since inception, We Can Elude Control already sits as a favourite label for us. The man in charge of their release schedule and ever good-looking records is Paul Purgas, one half of Emptyset, who’s last EP came to us via Raster-Noton, and is absolutely stunning. If there’s still some available pick it up.

Peder Mannerfelt himself also represents one half of a top duo, well known for his work in Roll The Dice. As a side-note for those familiar with the group get on the In Dubs 12″ which they collaborated with Pole on and recently dropped on wax. We’ve just got out hands on it and really digging it. From what we know however, this is the first record to carry Peder’s birth name solo, and he’s found a perfect home for his sound on We Can Elude Control.

It’s always nice when established musicians step out on their own and without a guise to see what they can do, as it rarely sounds like their history except in quality. Come Closer is no exception, though we’re going to try to avoid the unnecessary comparisons. The four cuts are just quality experimental electronics, dark and bare, stripped down to the minimal noises allowing loads of room for the sounds to be manipulated individually and at different points, twisting among each other constantly. The perfect example of this is within “Kommen Sie Doch Näher”, a nine and a half minute epic that drops the same pattern across a countless number of effects and patch work. In the words of Norman Records“…this is proper minimal techno, fuck Donnacha Costello and all those old boring douches”.

Other joints range from slow and heavy industrial to the sounds of riding an electrical wire with shocks coming at even intervals. It’s never boring, edge of your seat listening done with less changes and the space the structures create. Peder knows how to build tracks as well as when to cap them, and judging from this is somewhat of a perfectionist.

via We Can Elude Control
Roll the Dice’s Peder Mannerfelt presents a new solo 12″ for the London based electronics label We Can Elude Control. The release brings together a collection of percussive modular synth and noise experiments recorded live in his Stockholm studio with the release exposing Mannerfelt’s wider sonic interests and improvised approach outside of the production work he is more readily known for through projects such as Roll the Dice, Fever Ray and the Subliminal Kid.

Come Closer drafts a template of four hypnotic improvised recordings that cross the spectrum from industrial rhythms and arpeggiated modular cycles into angular ritualism and tense Nordic reduction. Collectively the material highlights a manifesto for a raw vintage futurism crafted from purist sonics and decisive percussive detailing, moulding aspects of tonal precision and immersive electronics from an array of classic and contemporary analogue hardware. The release mirrors Mannerfelt’s approach with Roll the Dice operating within deliberately imposed rules and limitations as a catalytic mode of production whilst equally uncovering a stark and imposing rendition of this work.

The release is the sixth by the London based record label and events programme We Can Elude Control founded in 2008 by Paul Purgas, one half of Emptyset, and has been developed as a platform for work exploring the cross over between contemporary art, sound and experimental media based practice. The label has to date released material from artists including Karl O’Connor (Regis), Mick Harris (Scorn) and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens) and New York film maker and former Sun O))) sleeve designer Rose Kallal.

Come Closer is available as 12” vinyl and digital from December 3rd 2012.

As above the sleeve design is stunning, and the release of the record is tied in with an exhibition launching in Stockholm tomorrow night. Curated by Paul Purgas, Recurrence looks at loop based systems and interpretations from the guesting artists, including film based, audio, text and performance based work. It’s a nice alignment with the ethos of the label, and we wish were in town for it. For those in the area, Recurrence is happening at Fargfabriken, and you want to get down to the launch tomorrow night for the performances.

More details below, big ups all involved, and especially Paul Purgas. The man’s a creative force setting benchmarks for the rest of us.

Recurrence explores the application o repetitive, hypnotic and ritualistic processes within contemporary art and experimental media based practice, examining the relationship between technological systems and investigations of the primordial, immersive and transcendental. The work of the contributing artists demonstrate an interest in form and structure within loop based systems as a primary mode of affective communication, exposing destabilising experiential aesthetics and initiating new modes of perception.

The exhibition includes work on 16mm film as well as video, sound, text and performance, addressing areas that include internet art, experimental electronic music, artists’ moving image and the relationship between old and new media.

Contributing artists include:
Rose Kallal
Yoshi Sodeoka
Peder Mannerfelt
Damien Roach
Tom Richards
Tanya Byrne

Curated by Paul Purgas

Performances by Peder Mannerfelt and Tanya Byrne will take place on the night of the preview from 8.30 pm.