Peaking Lights In-Store At Phonica Records

Not much more we can say about our ongoing love for Peaking Lights and the Not Not Fun label that we didn’t cover when we clocked on to 936 back in April. Check the link here – inclusive of  the tribute show Kamikaze put together a month before that.

Phonica Records have been donning it on the free gig / in-store front since Carl Craig destroyed the store last year, and Peaking Lights are perhaps the best to come through yet. Tiger are jumping on board to supply a few free drinks too, which is always something to be thankful for.

It’s happening from 6:30pm on Wednesday the 7th of December (contrary to other flyers) at the store’s Soho location of 21 Poland Street.

Worth pointing out that by catching them outside their Plastic People gig you don’t have to hit East London at night. Kraut dub + no hipsters = win.

For the re-release of 936 now on Domino sub-label Weird World inclusive of some new remixes which are sounding mighty, director Cam Archer has supplied a video for ‘Hey Sparrow’ taken off the album. Check it below.