Paul Ackroyd In Session With Astor on Reel Rebels Radio – 8.10.14

While we’re waiting for last week’s NTS show to get archived we wanted to share this session from Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze on Reel Rebels last week. Joined by producer Astor aka Mark Harwood, the two of them spend the time playing each other records and fascinatingly pulling apart the creative recording process, from an artist, curator and publishing house point of view, whilst bantering on a variety of everyday music geek topics. Brilliant listening which you can check out below.

Dead Albatross-shortlisted Astor joined us in the studio for this one to chat about bats, creative flow, and domestic disturbance recording failures, whilst playing some ace tunes from Graham Lambkin, Ora Clementi, Matthew P. Hopkins, and a few choice Astor cuts.

That aside, there’s a nice mix of bits in here including slippery tech house from Stewart Walker, street procession music from Haiti and Dominica, Swedish two-step from Shxcxchcxsh, rowdy Senegalese splatterbeat ragga from Aby Ngana Diop, and some quickfire blips, bleeps, and bloops from Ras G, Trance Farmers, Broadcast and Flying Lotus.

Also in the show, some crazy psych from Fumaca Preta, tribal glitch from Fis, ESG in Needlesharing, Ethiopian jazz Belgian style courtesy of Black Flower, and a heart-meltingly good tune from Filastine.

RIP Spaceape x

Burial – Spaceape ft The Spaceape [Hyperdub]
Kode 9 & The Spaceape – Stalker [Hyperdub]
Kode 9 & The Spaceape – Glass [Hyperdub]
Unidentified Haitian & Dominican street musicians – Carrefour de Fort [Folkways]
Aby Ngana Diop – Liital [ATFA]
Fumaca Preta – Vou Me Libertar [Soundway]
Black Flower – Jungle Desert
Shxcxchcxsh – The Under Shore [Avian]
Fis – Knect [Loopy]
ESG – Get Funky
*Interview with Astor
Astor – Romalia
*Interview with Astor
Ora Clementi – Cover You Will Softer Me (excerpt) [Penultimate Press]
Graham Lambkin – Theatre Recital
*Interview with Astor
Astor – Leaves
Astor – Mimosa
Mica Levi – Death [Milan]
Matthew P Hopkins – Stpn.pnjowl
*Interview with Astor
Stewart Walker – Candy Coated [Mundo]
Flying Lotus – Ready err Not [Warp]
Ras G – Raplife Interlude [Leaving]
Trance Farmers – Greasy Rider [Leaving]
Filastine – Murka [Post World Industries]