Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze

You can count on one hand the people that love new music more than Kamikaze aka Paul Ackroyd. He’s got a tendency to being dropping a load of wax and new joints that we’ve either slept on or never even heard of, and lately a load of tunes that just don’t make sense unless they appear in one of his many hours of radio produced each month. As well as playing with us there’s an epic collection of archived shows from the Kamikaze series up on their mixcloud, that started well before we came along and that I was introduced to via hand stenciled CD promos. On top of this Dandelion radio and Reel Rebels have also recruited Kamikaze as he becomes one of the most sought after heads in the scene.

To say that him and Kieron are the embodiment of hardcore music heads would be an understatement, and the fact that they missed out on taking over the BBC Experimental show is an absolute crime. Fortunately though, it meant he could get on the Awkward Movements show on NTS Live.