Pan Finale : A Tribute To Mika Vainio

Along with the rest of the music world we’re saddened to hear of the passing of Mika Vainio. It was Paul Ackroyd / Kamikaze who introduced me to him many years ago, and he remained a constant in our shows and records we’d play each other. Paul’s put together a fitting three hour tribute to the Mika, may he rest in peace.

via Kamikaze

It is with great sadness that we must inform that Mika Vainio of Pan Sonic passed away this week at the age of 53. Few details are known at this time, but here at Awkward Movements we are massive fans of his work and are feeling the need to pay tribute to such a prolific musician. Between Pan Sonic, his many solo guises, and numerous collaborative projects, Mika Vainio has left a wealth of music behind him. We hope that this three hour tribute show goes some way to showing our appreciation of the music Mika Vainio brought us.

Rest in peace Mika, you will be missed x

Mika Vainio – Rasputin 3000 [Comfortzone]
Mika Vainio – It’s A Muthang [Comfortzone]
Mika Vainio – Goths [Raster Noton]
Mika Vainio – Scale [Blast First Petite]
Mika Vainio – Behind The Radiators [Touch]
Ø – Twin Bleeps [Sahko]
Ø – Vastus [Sahko]
Ø – Tutkamaa [Sahko]
Ø – Syvyydessa Kimallus [Sahko]
Philus – Ionit [Sahko]
Lucio Capece, Mika Vainio – Tolmavuo [Editions Mego]
Pan Sonic – Atomin Paluu Part 11 [Blast First Petite]
Panasonic, Alan Vega – Fun In Wonderland [Blast First]
Vainio, Vaisanen, Vega – Sick Sick USA [Blast First]
Panasonic – Vaihe [Blast First]
Pan Sonic – Kierto [Blast First]
Pan Sonic – Pan Finale [Blast First Petite]
Pan Sonic – 5’41” [Kvitnu]
Panasonic – Moottori [Blast First]
Vladislav Delay Quartet – Louhos [Honest Jon’s]
Richie Hawtin remixing Mika Vainio – Untitled [Boots]
Mika Vainio, Chicks On Speed – Flame On [Chicks On Speed Records]
Mika Vainio remixing HTRK – Poison [Ghostly International]
Mika Vainio – Processing The Dead Minotaur [Important]
Ø remixing Bjork – Headphones [One Little Indian]
Mika Vainio – Muisto Palaa Selittamattomasti = A Memory Returning Inexpliocably [iDEAL]
Mika Vainio – A Ravenous Edge [Editions Mego]
AANIPAA – Watch Over Stillness / Matters Principle [Editons Mego]