Ostgut Ton x 50 Weapons Photos via Timmy K

As expected, Electric Minds / Broken & Uneven smashed it again, going large by all accounts for the Ostgut Ton x 50 Weapons party that happened across the weekend.

Big ups everyone involved putting it on. Got to agree with the following email from the man in the pits on the night:

…not much to say apart from these guys put together consistently good line ups, the music is always on point and includes live performance at all of the events I have been to, it’s an education….they are using interesting places and I think bringing a massive amount of talent to each night for the price.

To add a bit of drama in to the mix, evidently some police paperwork got messed up in preparation phases, and the promoters found out 11am that morning that the expected venue wasn’t going ahead. The team hustled to get a replacement sorted, and delivered above and beyond expectation.

Timmy K aka Phomandark was in fine form shooting for us on the night. As always we’re hosting a few favourites below, more up on RA over here: http://www.residentadvisor.net/photo-gallery.aspx?set=27845