On The Hill Podcast – Brian Not Brian (Phonica Records) & Kenny Wisdom (Keyboard Masher)

Can’t remember who said it, but there’s a lot of truth in the comment “radio shows have become the new music blog.” Hopefully ‘curated listening parties’ don’t become the new radio show. It’s got to be a good thing that we’re currently spoiled for choice as of late, and all the more reason to single out the ones we’re digging that are fast becoming essential listening.

Brian Not Brian aka Brian from Phonica Records and Kenny Wisdom aka Keyboard Masher have just sent out their second edition of their new monthly podcast, titled On The Hill. Massive respect for both these guys and what they do, proper dedicated heads who know their stuff, which is reflected in the podcasts. Really dug the hazy space vibes of the first one, been hanging out for more ever since.

The only talking throughout is the introduction from Keyboard Masher, starting off with an excerpt from the beat-less side of Manual Gonzales’ 12″ on Wild Oats going on to some Barrington Levy, through some proper slo-mo body music, some psyche, the whole thing heaving with live disco vibes, a bit of jazz mixed in, up through funk and landing on some edits; pushing the BPM up with each selection.

Ignoring all that it’s just a wicked selection that flows together really nicely.

You can check the In true collector’s style there’s no tracklist for either of these, just enjoy the vibes. Keep an eye on the soundcloud for the monthly update.