Olekranon – ‘Barbarians’ CD [Inam Records]

A few months back we were raving about a chance purchase of a CD that became an instant favourite; the super limited, self-titled release of PS Stamps Back & Olekranon. The collaboration was a released on Inam Records, a label we’ve since come to love as we continue to hunt through their 103 deep catalogue of releases. As it turns out, Olekranon is an alias of Inam label boss, Ryan Huber, who also records under the names Sujo and Bob Crane, and hence has contributed the vast majority of releases to the label himself. Whoever Ryan Huber may be (there’s a serious lack of internet presence and promotion surrounding the label and his work – the reason for the poorly taken photo above of what I received in the post) he is some next level talent, and if you’ve not checked the Inam releases there’s some worthwhile catching up to do.

Apparently a follow-on from the sounds he explored playing his part in PS Stamps Back & Olekranon, a large part of me wanted Barbarians to be an even more brutal take on the drone, beats and raw electronics that the collaboration CD was. In fact, it surprised me and surpassed expectations by bringing in elements of psyche and space vibes; giving the sounds more room to breathe amongst the chaotic darkness that was expected and present. The tracks sound complete but not overworked, slightly simpler than the noisier efforts I thought would be coming through the speakers, but a much nicer listen and something to constantly return to. The five tracks share a level of tonal bliss as they duild up, more in the vein of Ekca Liena Graduals but a lot harsher, with less patience and more tortured Graduals is a bit of an odd comparison, but I think the proper instrumentation that went in to Barbarians makes it worthwhile, and the drawn out sounds that create tracks you can either get lost in without paying attention or dissect bit by bit.

via Inam Records
Five new songs exploring the noise and atmosphere of the previous PS Stamps Back collaboration. Searing guitar, minimal beats pulsating drones.
Limited to 50 hand numbered copies.

Now that you’re sold on the music check this out; you can get one of the 50 hand-numbered copies for $2. That’s stupidly cheap, especially considering the quality of packaging involved.

If you’re super-tight and just want the tunes it’s also a free download, one of a few available via the Olekranon bandcamp. Check it all out below, and sit tight for the next drop on the label while digging through past releases.