Oh No Beats vs the iPad

Just left the iPad store. Music Radar did a brilliant article when the Korg application was announced on the top ten music production tools that were set to come with it. At the same time a new Tenori-on had gone on sale for cheaper price, but it was still saving money to buy an iPad then upload the Tenori-on similar application.I went exploring the possibilities of having an SP1200, MPC, Korg Electribe, Reason and loads more on this one piece of hardware based on the below video from Oxnard beatsmith Oh No, who’s redefined selling out in his promotion of Apple’s new product.

Looks good doesn’t it? Now the problem.

The Korg iPad CANNOT sample, chop, or even load up your own wavs, despite the fact that the commercial makes it look like he’s recording straight in. Misleading much? As far as I know there hasn’t been a beat made publicly available that Oh No has actually produced on the iPad(s), as all the joints credited on the Incase website and used in this promotion have been put out months or years before the iPad release.To be honest it probably just needs some fine tuning, but as it is I don’t think the iPad’s even close to being anything more than novelty for production.

On the Oh No tip, be sure to check the below RBMA video from his lecture session at the Seattle Red Bull Music Academy.