o1o (Aybee) – ‘Futurespective’ LP [Further Records]

So many nights going on recently about time we shouted out some music once more. Out to Nick at Phonica Records for putting me on to this plate, a new joint from Oakland’s Aybee, done under his o1o moniker. Limited to 300 copies, I recommend getting this on order ASAP cause once it starts getting played out it’s going to fly.

I was disgustingly late on the Aybee tip, only picking up on his releases following the 11:11 EP back in June, stunning deep house pushed left on a definite cosmic tip. I remember thinking at the time that the producer behind the release could be blowing up beat heads with his sound, and now with the Futurespective LP being dropped we’re finding out exactly how dope his slower productions really are.

Seven tracks of blissfully spaced out hip-hop tempo deepness, but still closer to what I’d consider leftfield house or techno flowing through it’s veins, possibly more than a tip of the cap to Drexciyan or Mathematics influences. Whatever it is though, it’s absolutely brilliant and had me playing it back to back in it’s entirety more than anything else of late. Scattered snares and perfectly placed hats and raw bass thrown together in a refreshingly unique way.

Check below for Aybee’s on notes on the release and the bandcamp stream of the whole thing. If you’re in to it it’s definitely worth looking back to other releases on Deepblak Music to date, some massive plates in that catalogue.

via Deepblak Music

Once again I connected with Seattle based Further Records for the “o1o – Futurespective” album. In line with Deepblak’s 10th anniversary “A Futurespective” is a collection of some of Further label head Mark’s favorite recordings by myself under the “o1o” moniker. o1o is short for (Oaklands 1 and Only) and is the name I used when producing at a slower tempo. When Mark pitched the concept you know I was ALL-in. Per usual with Further the record is put together with gorgeous screen printed Artwork with a Limited Edition of 300 shipping worldwide August 15th. I hope you enjoy this project as much as we did putting it together.

Love, Respect, and Power