NTS Awkward Movements Show – 8.11.14

Last week’s Awkward Movements show for NTS went up on archive earlier in the week. Out to everyone who locked in, and for those that missed it you can stream the full thing below or get in touch for the download link.

We went on a bit of an experimental beat excursion for the first time in a while, rinsing a package of tapes arriving from Leaving Records, including Cakedog, Ras G, D/P/I and the amazing new collaboration of Dakim & Fumitake Tamura. Keeping with the tape player, the new Hacker Farm on Feral Tapes was also a definite highlight that we had to play twice, and Seekersinternational and December also made an appearance early on.

Loads of new wax from techno heads, electronic torture masters and odd-wise ambient live instrumentation purveyors throughout the show, check out the full track list below. Guaranteed you’ll be hunting down more from Howlround (pictured above) and their reel-to-reel field recording manipulations as well as the mysterious YYU.

Hope you dig.

Seekersinternational – Reconsider The Vampires Curse (Excerpt from Side B) [Boomarm Nation]
Ras G – G iz Us 7 (MPC 2000XL) [Leaving Records]
Antipop Consortium – Eyewall (with Electro Foetus) [75 Ark]
Hacker Farm – Subotnik [Feral Tapes]
December – A Certain Order [Where To Now? Records]
Andy Stott – How It Was [Modern Love]
D/P/I – 012 [Leaving Records]
PHORK – Untitled Five [Dirty Pillows Records]
Cakedog – Slam Dunkin [Leaving Records]
Unknown Artist – Joint 4 [Dog In The Night]
Many Mansions – Pickin Up [MJMJ Records]
eMMplekz – Magical Mystery Megabahn [Mordant Music]
Dakim & Fumitake Tamura (Bun) – mu 4 [Leaving Records]
Abyssal Farmers – Out The Other [Hooker Vision]
Hacker Farm – Dreamcage No.3 [Feral Tapes]
Howlround – Torridon Gate [A Year In The Country]
YYU – Moment [Beer On the Rug]
Dalglish – Onair [Ge-stell]
Mind over MIDI – Field 2 [Berserk Farbik]
Talk West – Veined Strata [Marmara Records]
Troy Schafer – Side B [Signal Dreams]
Dean Blunt – Country [Rough Trade]
Ulwhednar – Kättarens Dom [Northern Electronics]
Inkke – Thinkk Star (Gage Remix) [Local Action]
Mala – I Wait, Pt. 2 [Deep Medi Musik]
Hieronymus – Softice [PDXINDUBTING!]
Demonstration Synthesis – Rainbow (Over) [Rainbow Pyramid]
Torn Hawk – Because of M.A.S.K. [Mexican Summer]