NTS Awkward Movements Show – 7.2.15

It may look like slow moving to get the show archive up here, but all things considered, I think we’ve done okay. With the birth of our twins (Jack and Matilda) on Thursday morning we’re likely going to be quiet here for a while, but I’ll make sure that you can always grab the most recent NTS shows if nothing else.

With the above news it seems like a bit of a blur, but we can definitely recall a few highlights, namely Ramzi (featured above) who’s Bebites cassette releases grabbed us properly. We took a handful of tracks from it as it seemed like way too many people slept on it last year, and the whole thing is gold. Been a while since Tommy Four Seven reared his head on the show so had to have that on deck, and some brilliant bits from Basic House, Ekman and the stunning new Demdike Stare, possibly the last in the ‘Test Pressing’ series, worked their way in too.

Loads of artists also appearing here for the first time, including iSkeletor – who’s cassette we’re hooked on – The Notwist, Bruce Lacey and Rabit to name just a few. And be sure to check out the new label from Bass Clef, 12,000 Seconds. We took a track from Vi, a forthcoming release on it soon to be followed by the likes of Hacker Farm and Peverelist on cassette.

Big ups all who locked in, and as always those in constant support. Get at us on email if you’d like the mp3 version, otherwise you can check the stream and track list below. Paul Ackroyd handling duties next time around, going out from NTS 21st of Feb.

Demdike Stare – Patchwork [Modern Love]
Tirzah & Micachu – I’m Not Dancing (TCR Remix) [Slip Discs]
Ramzi – BambatchewFireman/ImGonnaKickHisAss [Pygmy Animals]
Yamaneko – Accela Rush [Local Action]
Ekman – I Am Not A Turing Machine, You Are [Bedouin Records]
Mix-O-Rap – I Got The Fire [Peoples Potential Unlimited]
Ramzi – Star Kè [Pygmy Animals]
Basic House – Crawl Charm [Opal Tapes]
Tommy Four Seven – Fffff [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Xth Réflexion – 01 [/Aught]
Ryan Huber – Process [http://ryanhuber.bandcamp.com]
Filthy Huns – Stein Stugga [Not Not Fun]
Jon Hassell & Brian Eno – Ba-Benzélé [EG Editions]
Tarcar – Emboldened [Blackest Ever Black]
Gnod – The World Is Good [God Unknown Records]
Aine O’Dwyer – ‘Deep Sound’ Invocation [MIE Music]
The Notwist – Object 7 [Alien Transistor]
Bruce Lacey – Cycles of the Serpent 3 [Trunk Records]
Rabit – Send [Soundman Chronicles]
Vi – Ash-Tone [12,000 Seconds]
Ramzi – A Jungle 4 Ramzi #3 [Pygmy Animals]
Jun Konagaya – Float [Eskimo Recordings]
Zac Nelson – Lost [Styles Upon Styles]
Iskeletor – Yangin [Boomarm Nation]
Dr. Octagon – Droppin’ Bagels [Funky Ass records]
Iskeletor – Gallows [Boomarm Nation]
Unknown – Untitled [Key All]
Burial – Temple Sleeper [Keysound Recordings]