NTS Awkward Movements Show – 30.3.14

Last week’s show below from Awkward Movements, broadcast on NTS radio (albeit a little later in the week than our usual slot) across the weekend. Get in touch for download or stream the two-hour session with full track list below.

Kicking off with new stuff from top labels The Death Of Rave, The Trilogy Tapes, Planet Mu and Modern Love, a load of favourite producers and show regulars start us off with some raw electronics before shifting in to an experimental analogue session, that ends with even more stunning new work from Bass Clef under the Some Truths alias.

Things get quiet with some minimal classical before we head in to drone and then pretty damn noisy with a bit of Pete Swanson and some live acts that’ll melt your conscience. We go on a bit of tape-run that includes the recent-ish loop-based work of Hanno Lichtmann (pictured above) and then return to our happy-place with new slabs of warehouse-friendly techno on wax.

Hope you dig.

Minor Science – The Beckoner [The Trilogy Tapes]
D. Edwards – Untitled (B2) [The Death Of Rave]
Millie & Andrea – GIF RIFF [Modern Love]
Ekoplekz – Nerva Beacon [Planet Mu]
Radiokoala – Bundleclot [http://radiokoala.bandcamp.com/]
No UFO’s – N.U. All-The-Way-Live At Kinda Cloudy February 2013 (Megamix) [Nice Up Int’l]
Some Truths – The Magpie On The Gallows [Mordant Music]
Yair Etziony – Broken [Spekk]
Bolder – Deep Cuts [Editions Mego]
Oberman Knocks – Dilankex (Autechre Remix) [Aperture]
Bobsleigh Baby – Plastic Jesus [Monofous Press]
The Ceramic Hobs – Glasgow Housewife [Must Die Records]
Anastenaria – ÏÊÔÙ [Kemal]
Anastenaria – ÁÍÁÓÔÅÍÁÑÉÁ (Pete Swanson Version) [Kemal]
Prolife – Gold Leaves [Sacred Bones Records]
Kondaktor – Signal#2 (Sawf Remix) [Modal Analysis]
Anton Bruhin – Die Welt [Alga Marghen]
Punctum – Isolator [Tesla Tapes]
Not Waving – No Kill [Not Waving]
Hanno Leichtmann – Skate [The Tapeworm]
Streetwalker – Ooze (Silent Servant Remix) [Diagonal]
33-10-3402 – Mecanica [ESP Institute]
Bill Callahan – Ride My Dub [Thrill Jockey]