NTS Awkward Movements Show – 29.1.14

Archive from the last of January’s NTS shows now up, stream below with full track list underneath or get in touch for the download. Apologies for the delay in getting this up, big ups to all who chased us for it.

Pulled out some of pretty exciting new business from Death Comet Crew reworked by Jamal Moss, Vereker, Helm on Pan, Container, Lee Bannon and Shackleton as well as a little bit of world-music-hippy-crap, modern classical remixed by Brandt Brauer Frick and a bunch of wicked electronics being slowly tortured in to new sounds. Really interesting stuff, had a load of fun myself hearing a few of these properly for the first time.

Awkward Movements will be going out from NTS again this Wednesday / Thursday from midnight UK time, with Paul Ackroyd hosting a load of goodness as always. Check the details on the new slot here: http://ntslive.co.uk/shows/awkward-movements/

Vereker – Marked [The Trilogy Tapes]
Death Comet Crew – Alpha Delta (Hieroglyphic Being reinterpretation) [Citinite]
Man Is A Rope – Recipe [Variance New York]
Original Low Fi – DD [Totaldubproduction]
Robert Beatty – Cone Eater [Glistening Examples]
Ulwhednar – 4 [Northern Electronics]
Helm – Carrier [Pan]
Francesco Tristano – Ground Bass (Brandt Brauer Frick Reinterpretation) [
Beynon Archival – Labelled: ‘Cathedral School Field Recording / Nagra’ June 78. [1/4 Inch Tape] [Beynon Archival]
Yong Yong – Maca Lu-Lu [Night School]
Hisham Mayat – Audio Apothecary [Sublime Frequencies]
Infinite Spirit Music – Ritual [Ancient Afrika Records]
Shackleton – Silver Keys [Woe To The Septic Heart!]
Dakim – As Dream Creatures [Leaving Records]
Slanter – Sarsaparilla [Transgressive North]
Fuck Pigs – WPSR Boom Bap [http://fuckpigs.bandcamp.com/]
Lee Bannon – NW/WB [Ninja Tune]
Suphala – Eight and a Half Birds [Tzadik]
Rapoon – The Waters Edge [Zoharum]
Dakim – Shadow World [Leaving Records]
Charles Cohen – Club Revival [Morphine Records]
Ensemble Economique – All Our Water [Dekorder]
Container – Slush [Liberation Technologies]
Death Comet Crew – A King a Wave Passes (Live) [Troubleman Unlimited]
Iueke – Tape 4.1 [Antinote]