NTS Awkward Movements Show – 27.9.14 (The Dead Albatross Shortlist)

Out to Paul for a wicked show in the lead-up to the The Dead Albatross Music Prize for 2014. Stream the full 25 album shortlist spectacular below, and as always get in touch for download link.

Catch y’all in a fortnight, yours truly will be manning decks.

This time round on Awkward Movements, we run through The Dead Albatross Music Prize shortlist for 2014. There are 25 albums on the list, ranging from punk to classical, folk to jungle, hip hop to stoner rock, and a whole heap more!

For the unaware, Dead Albatross is an alternative to the Mercury Prize. So it’s all UK/Eire releases over the past year. The shortlist was published on 10th September, and a panel of music obsessives are currently devouring the albums before the results are collated and the winner announced on 29th October.

So tune into the show to hear something from each of these fantastic long-players…

A New Line (Related), Astor, Bong, Dolly Dolly, Ex-Easter Island Head, Flamingods, Flava D, Good Throb, Ibibio Sound Machine, Isnaj Dui, Kate Tempest, L.B. Dub Corp, Matt Elliott, Mica Levi, Millie & Andrea, Prescott, Shifted, Shopping, Stefan Jaworzyn, Sub Luna City, The Cosmic Dead, The Mistys, The Soundcarriers, V/A : Classroom Projects, Zed Bias.

And head over to deadalbatross.com for further audio exploration.

L.B. Dub Corp – No Trouble In Paradise [Ost Gut Ton]
Shopping – Theme [Milk]
Stefan Jaworzyn – Gland Collector [Trensmat]
The Mistys – Behemoth [Other Ideas]
Kate Tempest – Happy End [Big Dada]
Ibibio Sound Machine – I’m Running [Soundway]
Flava D – Take Me Up [Bandcamp]
Flamingods – Market Dancer [Shape]
Good Throb – Mummy, I’m Ugly [White Denim/Sabrematic]
The Small Choir Of St Brandon’s School – Bright Eyes [Trunk]
Millie & Andrea – Temper Tantrum [Modern Love]
Ex Easter Island Head – Mallet Guitars Three Second Movement [Lowpoint]
Bong – Stoner Rock (excerpt) [Ritual]
Astor – Mimosa [Kye]
Isnaj Dui – Fjoeg [Rural Colours]
Mica Levi – Love [Milan]
A New Line (Related) – Three Octave Voice [Home Assembly]
Sub Luna City – Outta Sight [Bandcamp]
Matt Elliott – Again [Ici D’ailleurs]
Dolly Dolly – The Green Man (Wych Yew) [Exotic Pylon]
Prescott – Piece Of Cake [Slowfoot]
The Soundcarriers – Somewhere [Ghost Box]
Zed Bias – Boss Skank [Swamp 81]
Shifted – Suspended Inside [Bed Of Nails]
The Cosmic Dead – Easterfaust II (excerpt) [Sound Of Cobra]