NTS Awkward Movements Show – 21.1.13

Due to some technical stuff-ups on our end, last Monday’s broadcast came from the archives of 2012, Paul’s Armistice Day Special got a repeat, proper fire at that.

But that’s not to say the original show wasn’t recorded, now up on archive for download and stream. What it was meant to sound like was Secret Circuit, Bass Clef, Tuff Sherm and Mgun on the floor tip, and a load of stretched out droney and dusty pieces from Moin, Marcus Schmikler and the Tape Loop Ochestra, all pure heat we’ve been loving. Managed to get a drop in from Hacker Farm on Exotic Pylon, big tip on that, and proper excited about the new Sculpture plate, always cause for celebration.

Check out the show below, and get next Monday in the diary, Paul’s back in going live from NTS Studios, 2-4pm, 4th of February, get locked.

Bass Clef – You Don’t Know Don’t You Know [Punch Drunk]
Secret Circuit – Afrobiotics [Emotional Response]
Samo DJ – Tai Pau Kau [L.I.E.S.]
MGUN – The Race [The Trilogy Tapes]
Madteo – Vitruvian Nightmare [Sahko Recordings]
Mimis Plessas – O Menoussis (Dance Of Thrace) Ο Μενούσης (Θρακικός Χορός) [Pan-Vox / Belle Vue]
Nurse With Wound – Rockette Morton Part One [United Dairies]
Tuff Sherm – Hydlide [The Trilogy Tapes]
Moin – Elsie [Blackest Ever Black]
Marcus Schmickler Rule Of Inference 2 [A-Musik]
Yeasayer – No Bones (Helado Negro Remix) [Secretly Canadian]
Napoleon Strickland & the Como Drum Band (Othar Turner & John Tytus) – Oh Baby [Arhoolie]
John Leyton – Johnny Remember Me [Top Rank]
Tape Loop Orchestra – I Died When She Left Me [Facture]
Von Tesla – Shevil [Enklav]
Scissor Lock – I Guess [http://scissorlock.bandcamp.com]
Jeff Mills – Utopia [Axis Records]
Sculpture – Slime Code 1 – [Kaleidoscope]
Shrubbn!! – Echo 6|3 [Shitkatapult]
La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela – Oceans [????]
Broadcast – Teresa, Lark Of Ascension [Warp Records]
Hacker Farm – Konrad [Exotic Pylon]
Moon B – Untitled 4 [Going Good]
Juan Atkins – Oh La La [Black Market]