NTS Awkward Movements Show – 18.8.15

Last weekend’s show was a blast, but before the archive appears for that we’re going well back with this one. Going out the middle of last month, archive here (with track list appearing soon) from Paul Ackroyd’s two-hour session of Awkward Movements on NTS.

Loads of moody house and quality techno bits for on and off the floor, as we’ve come to expect from these vocal-less shows, and even a bit of electric disco from Soichi Terada. But as usual it’s not without the proper leftfield that we lovingly push out.Some yet unnamed field-recordings build up a vibe, freaking as all out a bit when they eventually meld in to techno. The new Ahnnu also appears here, showing his dustier soundscape side, as does L’estasi Dell’oro, who somehow then makes way for Luke Vibert under his Jungle / DnB Amen Andrews guise.

Wicked stuff across the board. We should have the track list up in the next day or so, but for the meantime you can trainspot yourself by streaming the show below or getting in touch for the mp3 version. There’s a prize if you pick every single record (not a good one).

Archive from the weekend going up soon – this week I promise. Apologies for the delay between posts, we’re pretty flat-out this end.

Big ups to everyone continually locking in to our fortnightly record ramblings, much respect all round.