NTS Awkward Movements Show – 17.7.14

Once again, apologies for delays and lack of action on the site recently – life, oh life. Big ups to all who locked in to this for the first time around, and for those that missed here’s the archive from last week’s Awkward Movements show on NTS.

New bits from Phork, Caustic Window, Filter Dread and House Of Spirits (remixed by Peaking Lights) on wax, as well as some forthcoming Pye Corner Audio (pictured above) flipped up by Old Apparatus, recently reissued Caustic Window aka Aphex Twin, new digi-stuff from Teishi-1 and some cassette drops from Mndsgn and Ras G on Leaving Records, reppin’ LA.

Loads more goodness, some world, experimental and concept bits balancing out the two-hours nicely. Can’t wait to do it again.

Stream below or get in touch for download. Paul Ackroyd back in session next week, guaranteed to be good.

Phork – Wrecked [NNA Tapes]
Herbert – Manny [Accidental Records]
House of Spirits – Keep Holding On (Peaking Lights dub) [Beats In Space]
Prostitutes – The Bluffer’s Corporation [Spectrum Spools]
Mndsgn – Overwhelming Gratitude [Leaving Records]
Teishi-1 – Snow Wolf [http://teishi-1.bandcamp.com/]
Rawaat – Motion Sensor [Lobster Theremin]
Alter Echo & E3 – Nubian Dub [ZamZam]
Bronze Teeth – Glass Tooth [Diagonal Recordings]
Xumla – Dancin’ Dust – [Audiobulb Records]
Not Waving – It Needs No Mediation – [Not Waving]
Imugem Orihasam – Image for 9, 5 & 4 [Diametric Music]
Drvg Cvltvre – DSLLFMS [https://soundcloud.com/drvgcvltvre/]
Filter Dread – Jungle Interlude [Ramp]
Demdike Stare – Past Majesty [Modern Love]
Ras G – Move Alone….. [Leaving Records]
Cosmic Dennis Greenidge – Tiny Toons [Snug Life]
Pye Corner Audio – Black Mist (Old Apparatus remix) [Front and Follow]
Woodbines & Spiders – Sketches of Osram [Gecophonic]
Ian Humberstone & David Chatton Barker – Two Bridges: Old Crockern [Folklore Tapes]
Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper – Song For Charlie [FRKWYS]
Greg Gives Peter Space – A Clear Dub [Erased Tapes]
Partial – A Single Screw Of Flesh Is All That Pins The Soul [Another Timbre}
Edvard Graham Lewis – Where’s The Affen? [Editions Mego]
Caustic Window – Revpok [Rephlex]
Aleksi Perala – UK74R1406020 [AP Musik]