NTS Awkward Movements Show – 15.1.14

Archive from last week’s Awkward Movements show on NTS to stream below, coming from Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze on our new Wednesday night slot. As is the way, get in touch if you’d like a download version for moving about.

 Really nice vibes the whole way through, going from pretty electronic, to chill, to left field techno before tying in a some rare archive pieces (all the way back to early 1900s) from around the world and in to some wicked beats. Next show goes out Wednesday 29th on NTS, make sure you get locked.

Plenty beats, dark electronics, and mystery 12″s in this edition, including new singles from Entro & Terri, XI, Margaret & Tobias, and Alma Negra; albums from Afrikan Sciences, Shadowlust, Pharmakon, and Max Loderbauer; a couple of ace slabs from EMG; new offerings from the old guard, in the shape of Flying Lotus, Actress, and Ras G; some new recordings from the Caucasus; a little Nigerian, Puerto Rican, and Caribbean traditional music; and a new Iranian 78s compilation on Honest Jon’s. Enjoy x

Margaret & Tobias – Test The West [Non Standard Productions]
Shadowlust – Russolo’s Dream [LIES]
Max Loderbauer – Ssseq [Non Standard Productions]
Pharmakon – Pitted [Sacred Bones]
Richard Dawson – III [Alt Vinyl]
Entro & Terri – The Cap [LIES]
XI – Beat Session [Sued]
EMG – Warning [Experiential Learning]
EMG – A Form Of Love [Experiential Learning]
Bayram – Traditional Wedding Song [Dupli Cation]
Pankisi Ensemble – Song In Chechen [Dupli Cation]
Musa – Chechen Balalaika Melody [Dupli Cation]
The Parilla Family – El Rabo De La Cometa [Folkways]
Balile – Give Him Room [Folkways]
Benis Cletin – Jungle Magic [Sofrito]
Alma Negra – Untitled [Highlife]
Flying Lotus ft Mapei – Ideas [Brainfeeder]
Ras G – Wreka Sto/Spooky Shit [Leaving/Stones Throw]
Actress – Frontline [Ninja Tune]
Afrikan Sciences – Theta Wave Brain Sync/New Morning [Deepblak]
Shadowlust – Fluid Distortions [LIES]