NTS Awkward Movements Show – 13.9.14

As promised, even more radio archive to rake you through to the end of the week. Full two hour Awkward Movements show below, archived from it’s original broadcast on NTS last week.

We stuck pretty firmly in the electronic space with the exception of a slight dubbed out detour to check out WhoDemSound, El Mahdy Jr. and the madness that is Kalbata & Mixmonster collaborating on album. Washed out oddities from The Tobacconists, Beep! and Famous Moon King blended in with some leftfield house and techno and the usual mix of leftfield house and techno.

Show standards Muslimgauze and Lee Gamble both served up new material last month for the show, and don’t miss the opening cut from Aybee & Afrikan Sciences, it’s taken from a brilliant collaborative album you need to check out.

Out to all who locked, and as get in touch for download if the stream below doesn’t fully do it for you. We’ve shifted slots to keep it all inclusive, special shouts to Asia Pac, and Paul Ackroyd will be back in session on the 27th.

Aybee & Afrikan Sciences – Deep East Suite Part 02 (Response) [Deepblak Recordings]
Muslimgauze – Track Seven [Muslimgauze Archive Series]
Lee Gamble – Voxel City Spirals [PAN]
Beep! – Think About The Mountains [Data Garden]
The Tobacconists – Heavy Water Experiments
Famous Moon King – Mao Mao [Tesla Tapes]
Metasplice – Vertia [Morphine Records]
Gobby – Maid Scene [1080p]
Itokim – Roll Up and Shine [Subject Detroit]
Marquis Hawkes – Outta This Hood [Clone Jack For Daze]
Zipcode – Untitled 04 [LA Club Resource]
Rezzett – Zootie [The Trilogy Tapes]
Ueno Masaaki – Excited State [Raster Noton]
Kutmah – Leaving [Technicolour]
Death Comet Crew – Funky Dream Two [Troubleman Unlimited]
Kalbata & Mixmonster – Congo Beat the Drum (feat. Major Mackerel) [Freestyle Records]
WhoDemSound – Lazy Dub [WhoDemSound]
El Mahdy Jr. – Last Deal [ZamZam]
Lorn – All Corrupt Everything [
Trance Farmers – Betty Bop [Leaving Records]
Albert Swarm – The Cage [http://albertswarm.bandcamp.com]
Slackk – Jackal [Local Action]
CHXFX – Undercroft [Polytechnic Youth]
Objekt – Ganzfeld [Leisure System]