NTS Awkward Movements Show – 12.3.14

Apologies for the delay between posts here, been somewhat tied up away from home for the last week or so, but wanted to take a second to get this bombed up. Big ups Kamikaze aka Paul Ackroyd for last week’s Awkward Movements show on NTS, the full two hours available to stream below with complete track list.

Out to all who are locking in on the regular, and as always, those after the downloadable version feel free to get in touch.

We’ll next be broadcasting on NTS from midnight Wednesday-Thursday of the 26th of March. Already pulling records, bound to be a good session.

Stefan Jaworzyn – The Fucker [Shock]
Prostitutes – An Enormous Door [Mira]
Lucy – Laws & Habits [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Gunnar Haslam – Fleuve [L.I.E.S.]
Low Jack – Punta II [L.I.E.S.]
Ultradyne – Program 1-3 [Pi Gao Movement]
The Ceramic Hobs – Voodoo Party [Must Die]
L’Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes – Penda (Jean Bitar) [Kindred Spirits]
Ra Ra De Leogane – Gade Moune Yo [Strut]
Koudede – Ewellan [Sublime Frequencies]
Mad AYA – The Bad Kid [Bandcamp]
The Notwist – Close To The Glass [City Slang]
Sten Hanson – Skarp Dig, For Fan [Alga Marghen]
Anne Guthrie – Branching Low and Spreading [Students Of Decay]
Pharoah Sanders – Love Will Find A Way [India Navigation]