NTS Awkward Movements Show – 1.1.14

Archive now up for the two hour radio broadcast that was the first Awkward Movements show on NTS Radio for 2014, the first in fact for our new time slot starting Wednesday nights UK time.

Instead of a countdown of our most played joints, we normally use this time of year to clean house, dropping in records that we didn’t find time to play across the last twelve months for whatever reason. As well as a few new pieces there’s tracks that didn’t fit the mood of a particular show, were on a label we were  rinsing weekly, the fourth Muslimgauze release of the month, too much of one genre, not the greatest on the album, or just already overplayed by other shows.

Loads of good stuff in this one, track list below speaks for itself going across dub, techno, club music and a few oddities and experimental pieces including a handful of unreleased pieces. Check the stream just above the tracks and as always feel free to get in touch for download link.

Hope you dig, and here’s to an even bigger 2014.

Yard – Overflow [Further Records]
Burial – Rival Dealer [Hyperdub]
Kyle Hall – Untitled [????]
Èl-G – Der Prediger [SDZ Records]
Time Attendant –WOAH! [Front and Follow]
Killawatt – Backed Into a Fucked Up Recess [Osiris Music]
Kemper Norton – Seven Times Round [Exotic Pylon]
Microburst – UKED [Cleaning Tapes]
Attack Bear – Superfucked [Reckno]
Xoki & Hieronymus – Journey Home Dub [Zam Zam Sounds]
DJ Stingray – Fullbodyscan [Presto!?]
Kuwait Paragraph – St Peters Trak [Unreleased]
Muslimgauze – Amritsar (Short) [Staalplaat]
Quan Ho Chor Berlin – Ba Quan Moi Trau (Niobe Rmx) [Karaoke Kalk]
Madteo – Pram Reset [Morphine]
Schneider Tm – First of May [Bureau B]
Itinerant Dubs – One Step [Itinerant Dub]
ClockDVA – Phase IV [Anterior Research Media Comm]
Michael D Donnelly – Mole Man [Exotic Pylon]
H & H Slaughter – Untitled [American Tapes]
Radikal Guru feat. Echo Ranks – Warning! (Dubkasm Remix) [Moonshine Recordings]
Tiger – Rap Pon Riddim [Dug Out]
Demdike Stare – Null Results [Modern Love]