NTS Awkward Movements Show – 10.4.14

A heads down session from Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze last week, when the regular Awkward Movements show went out on NTS radio. No mic-breaks, with the return of long-core (the affectionately dubbed tracks that most DJs don’t play due to length) and some proper curation of sounds, it’s one of those sessions much needed on occasion to reset the pipes.

Equal parts world eclectic, electronics bent and in some cases blended in to field sounds, a bit of prog from the Netherlands and rare wax recordings we’ve not heard before, it’s a wicked two hours of listening. Full track list below, underneath the stream, and as always feel free to get in touch for download.

Next show goes out midnight next Wednesday / Thursday 23rd / 24th of April, get locked.

South London Ordnance – Dead Cell [Aery Metals]
Eric Thielemans – Tptptptp [Miasmah]
Winter North Atlantic – B2 [Alt.Vinyl]
Radar Men From The Moon – Opaque [Fuzz Club]
Phnong – New Year Party [Tiger Gong]
Old Men Group at Pushkar Lake – Bagarawath Mara Session [Sublime Frequencies]
A New Line (Related) – Repetition (For Pryzbylewski) [Home Assembly]
Morton Subotnik – Silver Apples Of The Moon Part I [Karl]
Ricardo Donoso – The Sphinx (Yves De Mey remix) [Digitalis]
Eye – Electrical Storm [Nyali]
Millie & Andrea – Corrosive [Modern Love]
Be – GYB3 [STKY]
Lasry Baschet – Musique Du Film Cosmotonie [Cacophonic]
John Lacey/Coum Transmissions – Music For Stocking Top, Swing and Staircase [Other Ideas]