NTS Awkward Movements Show – 10.12.12

Whilst we’re saddened by the news that the “female singers who wear glasses” special may have just been a rumour started by Paul, we are properly chuffed with the two hours of tunes he smashed out. A load of techno combined with favourite eclectic pieces from the likes of Ghedalia and Nancarrow – perfect combination, a dope show. I’ll be stepping up next for the last show of 2012 in a week’s time. No “Best Of The Year” (gag) but we will aim to be cleaning house a bit with loads of joints that haven’t made it in to the latest shows for whatever reason. Going out 2-4pm, Monday the 24th of December on NTS – get locked.

New bits from Lee Gamble, Tomutonttu, Raime, Lorenzo Senni, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Robert AA Lowe, Electric Wizard, and Container; reissue bits from Dariush Dolat Shahi and Cults Percussion Ensemble, and a steam train.

Rrose – Wedge [Eaux]
NHK’Koyxen – 45 [Pan]
Lorenzo Senni – Make Believe [Editions Mego]
Tomutonttu – Hylyt Part 2 [Dekorder]
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Mladic [Constellation]
Ghedalia Tazartes – Untitled [Vinyl On Demand]
Electric Wizard – Murder & Madness [Rise Above]
Container – Dripping [Spectrum Spools]
Unknown Artist – Lagu Kodok (Frog Song) [Nonesuch]
Conlon Nancarrow – Study For Player Piano No. 40a [Wergo]
Cults Percussion Ensemble – The Little Dancer [Trunk]
N/A – No 5351 Up To Crossing & Back [Smithsonian Folkways]
Altai Hangai – Hoomii [Unknown]
Dariush Dolat Shahi – Zahab [Smithsonian Folkways]
Lee Gamble – Plos 97s [Pan]
Raime – The Walker In Blast and Bottle [Blackest Ever Black]
Robert AA Lowe – M’Bondo [Type]