NTS Awkward Movements Show – 10.1.15

Archive and track list here for Awkward Movements on NTS, gone out live across the weekend. Too many good tunes to fit in across the two hour time slot, either forthcoming or left over from the year just gone, taking us from live bands to brutal club joints.

We kicked it off with a bit of twisted jazz, starting with the oft-forgotten but insanely good Madlib project Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm, before coming back to 2015 with some Matana Roberts, The Durian Brothers and Beak>. Got straight back on the digi-tip with the likes of Foodman and Pale Rider before stepping in to some dusty lo-fi house (special shouts to ACI_EDITS and the Aught label in general) and battered pieces of techno.

Some obscurities, loads of cassettes (I swear this addiction must die soon) and a bomb of tunes that you’re probably hearing for the first time alongside us. Some Truths (gear pictured above), AyGeeTee, Afrikan Sciences and Owen McLean were definite highlights in the back-half too, as were the forthcoming pieces from Lokom on Fullfridge Music and Fly Agaric on Video Game Music.

Big ups everyone that locked in, out to all those listening live and on the catch-up, and as always get in touch for download. Paul Ackroyd back in a fortnight, guaranteed goodness.

Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm – Prelude/Run With The Sun (Afterlife) [Stones Throw]
Matana Roberts – Nema, Nema, Nema [Constellation Records]
The Durian Brothers – Offenporig [Kontra Musik]
The Durian Brothers – Oni Baba [Kontra Musik]
BEAK> – Oh [Invada]
Mad Nanna – I’m Not Coming Here [Golden Lab Recods]
Foodman – N Ga Fu Fu [Noumenal Loom]
Pale Rider – Human Structure Dub [PDXINDUBTING!]
Omar Raafat – Egyptian Heritage [Syrphe]
ACI_EDITS – 01 [Aught]
Owen McLean – Feng Shui [Where To Now? Records]
Application – CronJob (Remixed By Russell Haswell) [Dust Science]
Nebulo – Gove Me Live [Stomoxine Records]
Not Waving – Lie With The Mouth [Ecstatic]
Afrikan Sciences – Reddin Off [Pan]
Moon Wiring Club – Compressed Elyzium [Gecophonic Audio Systems]
Fly Agaric – Rainbow Lorikeet [Video Game Music]
Bruce Haack – Sun Sukd [Omni]
Tomaga – Futura Grotesk [Hands In The Dark]
清水靖晃 (Yasuaki Shimizu) – 美しき天然 [Better Days]
Lokom – Good News From Mars [Fullfridge Music]
Ena – Midair [Horo]
Black Spirituals – Body [Sige Records]
Omar Raafat – Film Abyad W Eswed [Syrphe]
Fischerle – Itch [Where To Now? Records]
Some Truths – I Brought You Back Treasures from the Void [We Can Elude Control]
AyGeeTee – NOmoreTIME [Reckno]