Hereford born and bred NKC aka Jake Colvin is one of the top talents we’ve come across. In the first 12 months of his debut three labels had pressed up his tracks, ranging from proper tough funky to house beats, Derrick May-esque techno vibes and even working with edits and live singers. The outputs picked him up fans and covered enough bases to set him up as one of the big ones to watch go to the next level. Proper skilled producer with skills on decks to back it up.

Moreso than most, NKC works hard with his sounds in productions, and has built up an international family around his DJ sets, spending the recent summer based out in Berlin.

Check out his wax debut with Awkward Movements here: http://www.awkwardmovements.com/2011/04/release-nkc-marie-ghettotechno-awk003.html
Followed up a year later with a four track 12″ featuring two new originals and remixes from Zed Bias under the Maddslinky guise and Raimo: http://www.awkwardmovements.com/2012/05/release-nkc-fading-floor-shockout.html


For bookings and info:
NKCproductions (at) gmail (dot) com