NKC – ‘Marie’ / ‘Ghettotechno’ Design

I’ve got ‘stampers clamp’ this morning. Stampers clamp is the fictional medical term I am using to describe a minor pain on the outside edge of your hand running from the top of your pinky to where your wrist begins, which comes about from leaning on a stamping pad to try and get the last bit of ink out of it. Totally worth it though. If there’s a better (and more zen) way to spend a weekend I’ve not come across it yet.

The records for NKC‘s ‘Marie‘ / ‘Ghettotechno‘ (AWK003) are looking good and now set for their journey to the distributor. Incidentally I stopped numbering after the first forty as it just didn’t fit in and seemed to cheapen the design a bit – especially with my shoddy handwriting.

Shouts to who:ratio out of Romania for the dope designs. While we’re doing this here’s two more ideas for the centre that didn’t quite make it.


I really liked this one (dubbed ‘the square’). Still do in fact. It came about from when we were messing about with the idea of a giant square that would have it’s edges over the side of the middle label. Shame it doesn’t have much similar with the music.

This design was named by the Kamikaze DJs as ‘the potato alien.’ It’s a very small part of a design from a full-page sketch that who:ratio did back in the day, one that I’ve always remembered and liked. Even though the full thing was quite dark.


Before we decided that this plate was too nice for promotion, we briefly contemplated printing up some promo CDs, and this is the template and design that they would have looked like