NKC – Marie / Ghettotechno (AWK003)

UPDATE – You can now PRE-ORDER ‘Marie’ / Ghettotechno’ via Redeye Records: http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/products/NKC/NKC_AWK003.html

Stepping up for our next wax pressing comes NKC, now London based and already signed up for for a big year across a handful of labels including Awkward Movements.

UPDATE – Check the designs on the plate here.

We’re staying low on this one, hand-stamped whites individually numbered up to 275 that are going to be dropping in April.

More on this later, but the test pressings have just got the thumbs up and are sounding damn nice, so we thought we’d get some clips online for a sneaky preview. If you’re really keen to drop before the release get in touch.

RIP Phil Greaves aka NSA Dubs, who tragically passed away in December, and who’s incredible foresight is responsible for this record.