Ninja Man vs Mad Cobra – Sting 1995

One of the crew was sharing some details and videos about Mad Cobra recently, part of our ever-growing reggae education. Evidently there was a time in the ’90s where Mad Cobra was king, and having dug through his discography over the last few days, it’s definitely the live performance area where he stands out.

Coming up through the mighty Killamanjaro sound system in the ’80s, Ninja Man (sometimes styled Ninjaman) is a name we’re more familiar with. Known for his clashing style and his pro-violence lyrics, he’s destroyed many a sound system mic man with proper class before they knew what had been coming. His career’s been a slightly detoured one, that continues on, despite occasional changes to gospel and a short-stint in prison.

With their careers crossing paths over many times through the last three decades, last year both MCs stepped up again, meeting in 2013 for ‘some discussion’ (pictured above). Massive respect for a life dedicated to their art form, but there’s also something about the older VHS recordings of these legends, capturing what they do best in a massively raw form, that really showcases something special.

A wicked little video this is then, catching the two of them at Sting in 1995. Only seven minutes long, it’s proper vibes. Check out the crowd getting behind them, that brutal mix of community and aggression that shows the artists are doing their thing right.

And just for good measure, here’s Mad Cobra venting on both Ninja Man and the Sting promoters, many years later I’d say.