Nightmare Busters

This probably isn’t as exciting to everyone as it should be, but it’s damn good news for the various lifelong members of the SNES appreciation society constantly coming out of the woodwork. The (one) problem with vintage gaming is that you can only get so far before you’re replaying the bottom of the barrel cartridges – you’re defined by the amount of games that were released while your console was in production.

For the first time in 15 years however, a new Super Nintendo game will be released, complete with cartridge, rectangular box and what I’m sure is bound to be an overly-spaced out manual. Nightmare Busters was originally under development in 1995, and despite being shelved at the time has since been leaked and become something of an underground icon for hardcore gamers.

Super Fighter Team is the company behind this amazing project, this being the ninth project of this kind they’ve undertaken, though the first for a Nintendo system. They also handle publishing and development, but it’s their production of these games and the quality of their selected projects that makes them stand out from other retro publishers.

As well as the sole novelty of a new 16 bit adventure for one of my favourite platforms, Nightmare Busters just looks damn good. Check the video of gameplay below, it seems enough attack options, varying bad guys and challenges in the level to make it worth finishing. Really digging the whole aesthetic too, that for some part seems ripped off of Gambit and his New Orleans backdrop, applied now to twin leprechauns.

More gameplay pics on the site here: The story is impressively cheesy (everything we hope for in a game when consoles were still aimed at families and kid-safe).


Synchronized with the wavelengh of dreams, the miserable Tyrant has discovered a way to enter them and convolute what children see, hear and feel while they sleep — all for the benefit of his twisted amusement. Enter Flynn and his twin brother Floyd, two virtuous leprechauns who refuse to sit idly by while the Tyrant weaves his dreadful delusions. Get going, gents! There’s no time to lose!

You can get on the pre-order here:

They’ve recently announced another 600 being made available due to the fast-selling demand for Nightmare Busters and loads of people missing out the first time around. Expect the actual cartridge sometime 2013, but ordering now is probably the only way to get one at all. Big ups to all involved in getting this one out, hopefully the first of at least a few to come over the ext few years.