New Plates – Ekoplekz / Semtek / Dub Phizix / Greymatter

I’m not sure what people are calling his music now but  Ekoplekz has been donning the electronic scene for the last 24 months. As well as his own limied digital series’ and cassette releases (and a forthcoming remix on Awkward Movements) Ekoplekz has made a home for himself with some stunning plates on Mordant Music and Punch Drunk. His latest offering on the latter is a 12 tracker titled Intrusive Incidentalz Vol. 1, available on wax with digi download.

He’s always been on his own tip, but Ekoplekz has somehow gone next level on this one. It’s dark and improvisational as we’ve come to expect,; a complete LP that can still be stepped in to for individual tracks. Due to his all analogue set up there’s no saving settings and retouching later when he works – but the payoff is more than worth it. This is undoubtedly his top release to date, and already proving to be his most accessible, selling out a handful of places straight after release. Don’t sleep, get on the wax release, it’s going to be sitting at number one for a few end of year lists.


As well as being one third of Lostbahnof collective, well known for turning out the party, Semtek heads up the Don’t Be Afraid label, adding another one of his own releases to the catalogue this month. Acid bass lines that structure themselves somewhere between house and boogie, Pizza is a definite dancefloor plate. Proper play out material that gets better in direct correlation with the quality of the system it’s played on. Originals Pizza and Goons are dope, though DJ 3000 flips ‘Pizza’ (pun intended) up nicely, adding some new elements for a stand out joint. Essential 12″ for the play out box.


A 12″ and digi from an electronic area we don’t cover that often, but something about Dub Phizix and his style of drum n bass has been grabbing us as of late. Dub Phizix has been making a name for time, and The Editor EP has just dropped on Soul:r, who themselves are celebrating 10 years of releasing records. Big tuneage accompanied with some emcee work from Strategy on one side and Cimpo & Fox on the flip, though it’s got to be said it’s all about the Dub Phizix productions on this one.


Finally we got something that was meant to be dropping today but not seen anywhere just yet. Wolf Music have been killing it with every release and WOLFEP009 seems to be no exception. Four track plate featuring new joints from Fantastic Man, Medlar & of course the always stand-out Greymatter, backed with a Bicep dub of a second Medlar track. Pure play out goodness for the house and boogie crowd that likes some edgier bass cuts to mess around with. Watch for the drop and get on it, previews below.