New Hype Clips From Flying Lotus & Mosca

These have no doubt been rinsed on blogs this week – so ever so slightly jumping on the bandwagon here – but two new clips have been dropped courtesy of LA’s poster-boy Flying Lotus and London based Mosca of the Night Slugs label / crew.

Starting with Mosca, I don’t know why exactly but he’s one of the last artists I would’ve expected to see on the Fat City label. Going by the below clip though, his forthcoming ‘Tilt Shift’ 12″ (complete with Julio Bashmore remix I believe) is going to be essential bagging for the beat fiends. It’s the video that sells it, killer miniatures.

Moving on to Flylo‘s latest offering, I wasn’t that in to the sounds on ‘Pattern+Grid World‘ his last working on Warp Records that dropped recently. Not that it was bad but more of a one-time listen for me. That said, you’ve got to admire his and Warp’s continuation in pushing outside the boundaries of traditional record releasing. They’ve not only put together a brilliant video for ‘Kill Your Co-Workers‘, but have offered up the 3D models for free download so those able can reuse them in their own workings. Very cool.

via Warp Records
Flying Lotus and animator Beeple present brand new video ‘Kill Your Co-Workers’ taken from ‘Pattern+Grid World’ (out now).

In an open invitation to animators across the world to make new scenes and stories with the parade of fantastical characters that feature, the source 3D models have been made freely available for you to download and use in your own works.