Nadia Spier vs Nad Spiro – ‘Extensions Of You Vol. 1’ CD [GaSaG]

Few artists get us this excited with a new release, but then again there’s only a select few constantly peaking our interest, and a select few who’s sound remains distinctly their own with every release.

Nad Spiro is Rosa Arruti, Barcelona based sonic experimentalist undoubtedly making some of the most interesting music out there. We first discovered her work through Geometrik Records, and the limited CD release Atomik Spy which proved to be one of our favourite releases of 2012. Over the last two years that same CD has become a constant rotation in the collection, with dense tracks that we constantly find new parts of the more we listen. You can check out original write-up of that album here:

As well as being Rosa’s return to releasing as Nad Spiro after a five year hiatus, Atomik Spy also launched the Geometrik sub-label GaSaG, which followed itself up last year with another Nad Spiro physical release XcentriCity. This week we got our hands on the third release from the imprint, and the third Nad Spiro limited CD in as many years, Extensions Of You, from Nadia Spire vs Nad Spiro.

Don’t be thrown by the marks of a collaboration though. In chasing new sounds and explorations Rosa has created an additional alias for herself with Nadia Spier, to look at things from an additional view, and we’re glad she’s been able to. Given our love of her output to date, we came in to this with high-expectations and we’re still stunned with how good this album is.

Rosa’s work is the perfect blend of analogue playing that’s then drenched in digital effects to be unrecognisable from it’s source. By triggering her raw field recording assets in this way too, she creates these vast open plains of spaces packed with sound.

This latest offering is designed to take her own recordings and experiences (as Nadia Spier and Nad Spiro) in urban situations and pull them together in to darkened soundscapes tinged with the elements of the city that she chose to base her workings on. At stages it sounds abandoned and isolated, and other times overtly depressing from it’s packed monotomy, but always engaging with random structures dictated by story.

 Extensions…is the full package. Everything feels very real, with the six tracks able to be experienced and absorbed totally and relatable in their own distinct and occasionally disturbingly dark way. Fans of Hacker Farm or the early Demdike Stare stuff will certainly find reason to get excited.

Despite her status in her home country of Spain, as far as artists that should be much bigger on a worldwide scale Rosa Arruti aka Nad Spiro is top of the list. Hopefully see the live show travelling around a the festivals a bit more next year.

Extensions Of You Vol. 1 is out now, in super-limited quantities. Stream it below then head over to the bandcamp page to grab a copy:

Extensions of You – excursions into the Audio-Sphere.
Sensory experiences of the city collected in an album of
reinterpretations and remixes of urban sound-archives .

Nadia Spier + Nad Spiro merge into the sonic environment with
music and sounds resonating in the simultaneous auditory channel : instant electric mutations in the magnetic urban membrane. Tune in to the AUDIO CITY