Nad Spiro – ‘Atomic Spy’ [Geometrik Records]

A definite highlight this week for artist’s we’re just discovering came from electronic music creator Nad Spiro aka Rosa Arruti. Rosa’s well established in her home country of Spain, working with countless bands and associated with a tonne of experimental and underground projects of mostly unknown groups, labels and collectives. As a solo artist however, Nad Spiro has released exclusively on Geometrik Records over the last 12 years, and with her works being so perfectly on point we couldn’t believe we’d not been vibing on her output previously.

The Spanish based Geometrik Records are a consistent source of quality music, though for those existing purely in the physical forms of purchasing, the vinyl and CD releases are generally limited to coming only from their own online shop. Strange, especially in the way that modified sound waves of this form seem to be rising in popularity. The label was originally set up in the ’80s as Discos Esplendor GeomĂ©trico (Discos EG) to distribute and release the music of the Spanish industrial act Esplendor Geometrico, at the time it was the only Spanish label dedicated to it’s native electronic music scene. Sometime in the ’90s the label became Geometrik Records, and expanded it’s roster to include other artists while continuing reissues and releases of Esplendor Geometrico, who’s catalog still make up the vast majority of what they do on a yearly basis.

Rosa first appeared as Nad Spiro on Geometrik with a full CD release in 200 titled Vs. Enemigos De Helix, following this up with Fightclubbing and then Tinta Invisible full lengths in 2002 and 2007 respectively. Earlier this year, Atomic Spy dropped, the full length CD and digi-release that we’re currently hyping on big time.

Recorded on her guitar using analogue and digitial FX, Nad Spiro balances an eerily-raw industrial vibe with minimal electronic sound scapes that are properly captivating listening material. Atomic Spy is intense in areas through what’s been left out, sometime creating a hollow space of sound with the noise being built in as a a circular wall around the silence on each track. This goes hand in hand with the digital structuring elements we like about Andy Stott’s sparseness meeting up with the sounds and improvisational creativeness of Tristan Perich’s bit-projects. It’s probably not conventional listening but definitely more accessible than some of it’s contemporaries that get lumped into the same vein.

You can stream Atomic Spy below and pick a limited physical copy via the Geometrik Records site or purchase it straight from the Nad Spiro bandcamp page. Apparently Rosa does a pretty amazing Nad Spiro live show, definitely an artist to stay on top in regards to forthcoming releases and tours.

via Geometrik Records
Sonic agent Nad Spiro has a new album project out this month : Atomic Spy. Released in a limited run of 101 copies, is the debut cd on the new GaSaG imprint within the GEOMETRIK RECORDS family with a focus on different formats and unpublished gems. 

In Atomic Spy, Nad Spiro explores further her world of shadows and uncovers hidden and twisted sounds, electronic spells that occupy your attention. Her sound fictions evoke secret accidents and carpark conspiracies, body invasions and auditory hallucinations… like ghost transmissions and melodies from a lost city. Rosa Arruti has worked for many years under the alias NAD SPIRO -a solo venture where complex processed guitars are built into a world of electronic textures- and her recordings have been released on the pioneer Spanish experimental label GEOMETRIK RECORDS. 

Member of some of Barcelona’s cult underground bands (Mohochemie Tendre Tembles…) she has collaborated with other experimentalist like My Cat is an Alien or Kim Cascone. The art work of the cd is by master of photomontage Josep Renau (1907-1982), an image in tune with the Atomic Spy’s Electricity Zone. Mastering: Ferran Fages. (snd-fi)