The Mouth (Native Instruments) / Classic Beardyman

Contrary to how it might look at the moment I’m not actually sponsored by Native Instruments, they just happen to be killing it with products lately (or I just happen to be spending too much time on their site as I save my pennies to purchase a Maschine).

Anyways they’ve launched a product late last year that I’ll never justify a use for, but the intro video to it made me smile so thought I’d share it here. Besides I’m sure there’s some heads who’ve been waiting for something like this to drop for some time.

It’s called The Mouth, and has been developed by British producer / Warp music maker Tim Exile. To be fair it does look quite dope especially if you’ve mastered your set up and want something new to play with.

Anyways this reminded me of the genius that is Beardyman, who happens to be playing at Bloc Weekend this year. Check him below working those Kaoss Pads to death, some of my favorite festival clips. In part three of the performance he even references Rizla Dub (I know the original was Pablo Gad and Prodigy sampled the hook too but he introduces it as a dubstep tune before going mental on it so I’m crediting the War label). And yes everything you hear is just his voice edited and looped live.

Just for good measure here’s a bit if Biz Markie from 1986…