Montauk Boys – ‘The Golden Horse Of 6037’ Cassette [Cerberus Future Technologies]

Jesus…this is big. An outstanding cassette release from the somewhat mysterious Cerberus Future Technologies label, credited to Montauk Boys. Earlier press releases suggest we’re dealing with a Manchester operation, with the label being christened earlier this year with two mixed cassettes of originals from a few different names, Frequency Adjustments volumes 1 & 2.

Whatever the story here there’s no disputing the quality of analogue techno across both sides of the tape. And hefty side they are too with the C85 being filled to the brim from 16 tracks in all. Raw, raw, raw…just how we like it.

There’s such a live vibe to the workings that we can’t help but summon up comparisons to Appointment at The Carvery, Jeff Mills as Waveform Transmissions or Hieroglyphic Being in session with the hardwear. A truly excellent release soaked in compressionless tape saturation to capture the spiritual, futuristic and tribal vibes of techno.

The package is slick too, arriving in an ‘anti-static resealable bag’ and mastered beautifully for the format. Stream the whole thing below via Bandcamp, from which you can also purchase the physical, and check out the lovely abstract press release just underneath again.

Captured from top secret time travel interference pattern experiments, the audio has been magnetically restored to ferric tape from its original crystal recording format.

Alongside the crystal recording devices and other psionic broadcasting weapons we found was a small white slip of card that read…

In the year 6037 thousands of blond Montauk boys (teenagers, not children) were sent to see a city in ruins There was a golden horse statue with a clock in its belly in the middle of the town square. Weird inscriptions were written on the golden horse statue that the Montauk boys were suppose to view.

Fact is this appears to be a training exercise.

16 track C85 cassette album comes packaged in an anti-static protective re-sealable bag to mitigate negative external electrostatic effects.