Montana Limited Edition: ‘Style Wars’ Spray Can

It was only two months ago that we were blessed with the opening of the Montana Colors store in Sydney. It’s a much needed space in a city where paint is hard to come by outside of a select few stores, generally overpriced and sometimes dished out by a human server with a serious elitism complex. I’ve often felt that a more open policy towards the art would lead to a higher quality of graffiti and street decoration.

Montana are so good at what they do and managing their brand, and MTN Australia has done a damn fine job with the Sydney flagship store too, not only decking out the space and keeping the freshest supplies at proper prices in, but also running a wicked blog covering the local and worldwide scenes. The cats in charge of the store are even top chaps. If you’ve not been down yet I recommend doing so.

Pretty stoked to see the latest update announcing the Style Wars collectible can as part of their ever-impressive ‘Limited Edition’ series, due in to the shop any day now.

The series was launched in 2010, and has released a total of forty-seven cans to date, paying tribute and giving to the likes of Ron English, Cope2, Shepard Fairey, Flying Fortress and even Style Wars stars / graffiti legends Seen, Dondi and Mare139 in their own right on previous occasion. Battle Of The Year have gotten involved as has Lodown Magazine.

The collectors edition cans are limited to 500 pieces each, now delivered in a wooden presentation box with the artists’ stamp of approval. The cans themselves are porcelain-glazed, high-quality down to the last detail; we’d have the whole damn lot if we could afford it more than just a record habit.

Four new cans are being released this month, Peque out of Mexico, Bruse from Italy and the Arabic El Seed representing the Middle East coming alongside the Style Wars offering, pictured above. Check out the designs below as well as few other highlights from the series. Check the full collection here: