Monkey Marc – ‘Post Traumatic Dub’ 7″ [Jahtari]

Man by the name of Monkey Marc throws up proper heat here for the second in the recently minted ‘floppy disk’ series of 7″ drops from Jahtari. Peter King was the first to come to us on the Diskettes series, going over the top of ‘Honeybadger Rididm’ from Art & Naram, complete with B-side version to light you up, recorded straight to an 8-track at Jahtari HQ.

Monkey Marc’s managed to kick it up another level again with his dubs. Two digi-dub (still like the word, don’t hate) instrumentals – ‘Post Traumatic Dub’ and ‘Deception Dub’ – with crazy depth and layering; tight production drawn from pure Casio bounce that will make you obsess over 8-bit vibrations all over again. 

The second 7inch in the Jahtari floppy disc series sees the return of Monkey Marc from the red sands of the Australian outback to his solar powered studio inside a shipping container on a Melbourne junkyard.

Cooked up between old school samplers, obscure synths and tape delays the cuts on this double-sided disc come right from the edge of an abysmal echo chamber: cavernous reverbs, the extra-lush keys from an Emulator III and Monkey Marc’s huge MPC 3000 sound that’s entirely his own.

Limited to 300 copies!

So much love goes in to Jahtari, which is why we’ve continually dipped in to their releases for the last decade. And while the music is front and centre the floppy disk aesthetic they’ve pulled out for this series is heat in itself.

Monkey Marc, it turns out, is not only Australian, with solar-powered studio made from a shipping container, but has been kicking around in my record collection for a number of years now. Most notably as part of Combat Wombat who’s Unsound $ystem LP came out on the mighty Elefant Traks back in 2005 and surprised me when I saw it was worth around $200 on Discogs (not that I’d sell). The last fifteen years has seen involvement with indigenous community workshops which you can check out here:

Big ups all involved.

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