Monk Fly / Frequency Lab / FBi Radio

Still boast so much love for FBi Radio in Sydney. And not least of all due to the massive debt I owe them in my musical discoveries, and more importanly giving me the chance to share them with a wider scene. I’ve not seen any FM station world over doing what they’re doing, and the fact they’ve gone from strength to strength funded by listeners support is a testament to the scene.

Stoked then when producer extraordinaire Monk Fly recently got in touch about the forthcoming Chairman Kato plate, Science & Romance, with Low Rises getting dropped on his own show a few days later. To give a bit of background Monk Fly has been donning the city’s beat scene for years now, through his own productions and the label he runs called Frequency Lab. A lot of upcoming heat has been released digitally there and the back catalogue is always worth checking. Evidently there’s some proper talent on the live tip coming out of there camp too. Below is one of his latest offerings in the form of 5 track release Streetisms Vol. 2 streamed from there bandcamp.

I was first introduced to his work through the CD release of Out Of A Town On A Horse Called Thursday back in 2006, an incredible album he did with Cook N Kitch that still sounds crazy fresh.

Now hosting the weekly Future Faces programme on FBi, Monk Fly’s no doubt become one of Syndey’s top taste makers, a reputation he upholds through damn hard work digging for the ‘future leaning beats and bass music’ that too often go under the radar. Archive goes up on Future Faces site about a month or so after, definitely worth listening back.