Mixmag 100% Vinyl Series – Tom Trago @ Rush Hour Live

For those that haven’t yet checked, the digital output of Mixmag, specifically Mixmag TV, has properly taken off in the last 12 months. And this series here, though only four episodes deep, has been a definite highlight.

Kicking off back in July with Mr. Scruff, the 100% Vinyl series is a selected deejay spinning all vinyl in a store of their choice. The first few minutes are spent talking about what the store means to them, why they’ve selected it and own experiences within. Genuine record store praise is always nice to watch, and something we need more of, those dudes work hard.

You can check out the full videos of the guys in action below. It’s proper deejay porn, watching the way they cue up, add effects and drop out filters; they’re all different in their methods. Scruff kicks it off spinning for an hour and a half in Piccadilly Records in Manchester, then Cassy at Hard Wax in Berlin, Tom Trago at Rush Hour in Amsterdam and most recently the trio of Apollonia at Syncrophone in Paris.

If we had to rate them then Cassy’s is probably best to watch but Scruff takes it out with top tune selection. Tom Trago though, probably the best balance of both. Armed with his E&S DJR4000 and just wax, he smashes through an eighty minute set of brilliant house selection.

Check it out below, embedded as a playlist starting with Trago.