Mitamine Lab 09: Ekoplekz

Just been put on to Mitamine Lab via there latest show done by Ekoplekz, who’s featured a mix of an upcoming joint from Chairman Kato. We’ll be releasing the full ‘replekz’ version of ‘Usual Drama’ on wax later later in the year, previews going up soon, as part of Kato’s ‘Science & Romance’ EP release. The few who’ve heard already have been blown away by the analogue reversioning that the Bristol soundscaper has delivered.

Big ups Ekoplekz and Mitamine Lab. Be sure to check out the link below to the forthcomng Live @ Dubloaded plate as well.

via Mitamine Lab

Ekoplekz is an experimental analogue solo project (no samples, no midi, no software), influenced by everything from dub reggae, post-punk, krautrock, library/soundtrack music and more

Active since 2010 and have released records on Punch Drunk & Mordant Music labels, with extensive live improvised performances in the UK and europe.

His new record is released on 6th june. You can pre-order direct from the label, Further Records in Seattle:

Ekoplekz – Intro: Live @ Dubloaded
Chairman Kato – Usual Drama (basic replekz)
Time Attendant – Conical Mandrel
Vegon Brei _ The Dark Corridors
Ekoplekz – Rotamation
Mir – Organ Donor
Jannik Giger – Fragmentum II
Pye Corner Audio – Towards Light
Some Truths – #22
Ekoplekz – Outro: Live @ Dubloaded