Mind Flowers with Ekoplekz + Sculpture @ Catch 22 [27.10.11]

Having been out of the country for the debut EkoClef gig last week, well happy that Ekoplekz is back in London, playing a solo show this Thursday in Shoreditch for the third Mind Flowers night, hosted at Catch 22. Checking out the lineup I was also introduced to the music and work of Sculpture, who I definitely need more of in my life.

Get tickets here: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=xxx&query=schedule&promoter=mindflower

While we’re on this tip it’s definitely worth shouting out the EkoClef album that’s dropped this week. Not everywhere as of yet but it definitely will be, currently doing the rounds on cassette having been released on the Magic + Dreams label. If you haven’t seen the details on this yet it’s an incredible collaboration between Ekoplekz and Bass Clef aka Some Truths, both Punch Drunk aluminaries and both incredible soundcrafters.

The Tapeswap album was done with the pair sending each other two cassettes back-and-forth through the post, and put together with a simple four-track recorder. The end result is remarkable.

Get a hold of copy here.